Devon Apicultural Research Group Meeting Dates for 2024

DARG Dates 2024

Meeting Dates:           Normally second Sunday of the month except AGM which is first or second Saturday in November.

Location:                    Buckfast Abbey, apart from July when Tricia and Alan are hosting.

14th Jan – GK, Senses and sensibility, or just touchy feely?
11th Feb – Zoe Mack
10th March – Geoff Blay Weather and bees
21st April – LI Asian Hornet traps
12th May – KL, Hive insulation
9th June -Zoom meeting with Prof Robert Packard
14th July – Bee Tea
Aug – no meeting
8th Sept – DC Bee gyms
9th Oct – GK, DCAs update
10th Nov – AGM
8th Dec – planning meeting
12th Jan 25 – CD, LI, TN store movements